Cat communication

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This is an area in which cats are most likely to be misunderstood and misrepresented.

As cats are a solitary species they have not developed the facial muscles needed to be able to express themselves visually. Instead of facial expressions and vocalisation, cats have evolved to communicate by other means – such as through scent, which is far more appropriate for a species who avoid close contact. It allows them to orientate around their territory and communicate with other cats remotely.

This section will attempt to bust any myths about what your cat is actually trying to communicate to you.

Other videos for Cat Communication

Cat behaviour - Rolling
If you recognise this common cat behaviour, you’ll probably have first-hand experience of what happens when you try to rub their tummy! If a cat rolls over and shows you their belly, they’re greeting you, not asking for a tickle.
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Cat conversation
Two content moggies having a conversation with their human. Do you speak cat? Miaow!
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