The Behaviour Guide

The Behaviour Guide coverCats Protection have produced The Behaviour Guide* – this exciting new guide discusses a variety of topics on cat behaviour.

The guide has been written with particular reference to the ‘shelter behaviour’ approach, however many of the principles covered by the guide can be applied to cats in environments other than rescue. While it is aimed primarily at CP volunteers and staff, as well as the vet profession that are involved in the care of CP cats, it is hoped that this guide will also be useful for other animal welfare charities and boarding catteries as well as veterinary, vet nurse, behaviour and animal welfare students.

The guide is divided into four main sections:

  • Promoting normal cat behaviour
  • Cat behaviour in the rescue environment
  • Information for new cat owners
  • Common cat behavioural problems

This provides a written introduction to most aspects of cat behaviour, to help gain a better understanding of cat behaviour and behaviour problems. While it isn’t possible to provide a solution to every behaviour problem, as causes are wide and varied, it will provide an insight into why a cat may behave in a certain way.

CP would like to thank Ceva who makes FELIWAY® for their support in enabling the production of this Behaviour Guide.

The Behaviour Guide - download

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