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Even after learning about what makes a cat a cat, sometimes your cat will do something that seems totally bizarre, but remember – there is always a reason!

Read on for some explanations behind our feline friends “odd” behaviour:


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Can a cat be trained?

Yes, cats can be trained. They can, for example, be taught to come when called, 'sit', or do tricks such as 'give a paw' - many cats will even enjoy training sessions! It's important to note that cats aren't an easy to train as dogs. One reason for this is that dogs are more likely to find toys, attention and food treats 'rewarding' and soon learn that doing tasks will be rewarded with treats.

If you want to train your cat, find something they really like - prawns or a piece of chicken will be enough to reward them so they learn new behaviours. Cats also concentrate on training for a shorter amount of time, so keep sessions short and sweet! Cats, just like dogs, can be trained successfully using 'clicker training'.

When it comes to toilet training, cats are generally very easily house-trained. In most cases, kittens learn to toilet in the appropriate palce when they are very young and taken to the litter tray by their mother.