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CP Clinic in its natural habitat

CP Clinic is a popular journal, available free of charge to UK vets and vet nurses and features articles on:

  • feline medicine
  • feline shelter medicine
  • feline surgery
  • feline behaviour

Launched in 2009 and aimed at vets and nurses in practice, it offers a practical ‘coffee-break’ update on relevant issues seen in feline veterinary practice, together with an update on veterinary-related news and policies from Cats Protection (CP), the UK’s leading feline welfare charity.

Veterinary care is a key priority in CP work, with the charity annually rehoming around 40,000 cats in the UK and supporting the neutering of around 150,000.

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If you would like to receive your CP Clinic edition online, please send us an email from the address that you want your copy to be sent to, to cpclinic@cats.org.uk stating your full name and profession (eg: vet/vet nurse).
 CP Clinic - example issues

CP Clinic - Issue 1 2018 - PDF - Download
CP Clinic - Issue 2 2018 - PDF - Download
CP Clinic - Issue 3 2018 - PDF - Download

CP Clinic - Issue 1 2017 - PDF - Download
CP Clinic - Issue 2 2017 - PDF - Download
CP Clinic - Issue 3 2017 - PDF - Download

CPD record card for vets and veterinary nurses

 Please download the self-recording card after completion of  Cat’s Protection’s free CPD opportunities - Understanding Feline Origins (UFO) our free online feline behaviour course or watching A guide to pre-pubertal neutering - our veterinary earlier neutering video.

Download self recording card - PDF - 2MB