Most Caring Cat

Cats that have a positive impact on an owner’s health or wellbeing.


Sparky - Clydebank, Dunbartonshire

Sparky and Kirsty

Having lost both her parents within a year, Kirsty Ayre suffered another terrible ordeal when a laser pen was pointed into her face in a random attack. Left blind in one eye, Kirsty later developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yet Sparky has been Kirsty’s constant support, never leaving her side and gently patting her face when a separate health condition causes Kirsty to faint.

Runner up

Herman - Buxton, Derbyshire

Herman and Claire
Within 24 hours, Claire Yates' whole world had been turned upside down when her parents died unexpectedly, just a day apart. As Claire, who has Asperger syndrome, struggled to come to terms with the news, she found a tower of strength in Herman. Both entertaining and comforting, Herman gave Claire a reason to smile and brought a sense of calm.

Runner up
Rosie - London


Deborah Elm was left devastated when husband Adam, who had cystic fibrosis, suffered a fatal stroke following a lung transplant. Hoping a pet may help, she adopted Rosie and slowly began to rebuild her life. Over the next year, Rosie helped Deborah cope as she adjusted to her new life, cuddling up close at night and ensuring she never feels alone.