Bringing a cat home

Adopted a cat recently? Read our guide on bringing a cat home.

Getting your cat settled in

If you've adopted a cat or kitten, you'll need to get them settled into their new home. A change of environment is always stressful for a cat - with time, patience and our top tips, they should be feeling relaxed within a few weeks.

Cats rely heavily on their sense of smell, often settling quicker if their new home smells familiar. Before you collect your cat, take an item of clothing or blanket and leave it with them for a few days. When you pick your cat up, take the item with you - ideally, it'll need to fit in their carrier while travelling.

The first steps

Introducing your cat to their new home and family will need to be done one step at a time, with a lot of patience and care. On arriving home, let your cat explore their new room before introducing anyone. After an hour or so, you'll be able to approach your cat by calling their name - let the cat come to you.

Once your cat seems comfortable with you, you can introduce them to the rest of the family.

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How to get your cat into a carrier

Exploring the outside world

Once your cat is secure and happy in their environment, only then can you allow them to explore outdoors. This can take between three and four weeks. If your cat hasn't been neutered, don't let them out until the operation has been carried out by your vet. When your cat does venture out, do it when they're hungry - you can tempt them back with food, so they'll get used to going back to the house more freely.

If you are considering bringing a cat home, remember that at Cats Protection we have thousands of cats across the country who are in need of loving homes. You can support our mission to help cats by donating to or sponsoring Cats Protection.

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