Fireworks and bonfire night

Our expert guide on how to keep your cat calm in fireworks season

Keeping your cat safe during fireworks season

While firework displays and parties are fun for us all, our pets can often become distressed at the loud noises and lights that Bonfire Night brings. Keep your cat safe and happy during fireworks season with our expert advice.

5 ways to help your cat stay calm during fireworks season

1. Keep your cat indoors at night time. Keeping your cat indoors will mean they are less likely to come across fireworks displays and become spooked. When keeping cats indoors, provide litter trays for them as well as enrichment toys to keep boredom at bay

2. Create a safe space for your cat. A cardboard box lined with blankets is perfect. Cats feel safer higher up so place the box on a top shelf, making sure it is somewhere safe

3. Play music. Keeping a radio or television on can help limit the impact of sudden sounds that occurs during fireworks season.

4. Use a pheromone plug-in diffuser in your house. This can reduce anxiety and create a calming effect. Begin using it a couple of weeks before fireworks season and place it in the room where your cat spends most of its time

5. Remember; try not to reinforce fearful behaviour by overly comforting a cat that looks anxious. Keep calm yourself and your cat is more likely to feel more settled.

fireworks frighten cats

Make sure your cat is microchipped

Cats can easily become spooked during fireworks season, and despite your best efforts, they might escape from your home.

Making sure your cat is microchipped is important. If your cat does wander far away from home, this will increase the chance of a happy reunion.

Remember to keep your details on your cat's microchip up to date. If you move home, or change telephone numbers, you'll need to let the microchipping company know.

You can find out more about microchipping in our guide.

More about microchipping

Remember - speak to a behaviourist

If you know your cat is fearful of fireworks, speak to a vet or qualified behaviourist prior to the start of firework season so you can put an actionable plan in place. Your cat doesn't need to be stressed.

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