Welcoming your new cat home

Expecting a new arrival of the feline kind? Find out more about settling your cat into its new home.

Bringing your new cat home

Adopting a cat or kitten can be both exciting and daunting, and you'll need to help settle your new pet into its home. A change of environment can be stressful for a cat and it might take a few weeks for them to get used to their new home. Be prepared to be patient and don't rush it!

Homeward bound

Cats become attached to their surroundings and can find travelling stressful, so taking your cat from their old environment to their new home should be done with care.

Cats are reliant on scent and are likely to settle into their new environment if it smells familiar. Take an item of clothing or a blanket from your home and leave it with the cat for a few days before you bring them home. When you pick up your cat, lining the cat carrier with the item should keep them calm and will help to create a reassuring environment.

Step by step

Getting your cat used to their new environment is a step by step process and you'll need to be patient. On arriving home, leave your cat alone to explore their room for an hour or so before greeting them.

Once your cat is confident with you, they're ready to meet the rest of the family. Children will need to learn how to interact with cats - even the friendliest feline will defend themselves if they're pushed or pulled too much.

Don't let your cat go outside until they've fully adjusted to their new home - this usually takes between three and four weeks. If your cat isn't neutered, don't let them out until the operation has been carried out.

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