Cats Protection online learning

Cat at a laptop - Image author - Max Stotsky%44 licence - CC BY 2.0%44 modified by Cats Protection

Cats Protection online courses to help you understand your cat’s needs and make your home cat-friendly!

Cats Protection has a single and clear vision - a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Understanding Feline Origins (UFO) is designed to give you an appreciation of the ancestry of cats, how this makes them the cats they are today and how to ensure their specific needs are met. In 2019 we will be updating this course and renaming it Understanding Cats’ Needs.

The interactive House Plan has been created as a fun way to help you think about where to put the essential resources for a cat throughout the home and supports the five welfare needs, for example the need for a suitable environment. This focuses on thinking from the cat’s perspective rather than placing resources for human convenience. You’ll receive feedback throughout on whether or not the position is suitable and the reasons why.
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Image author - Max Stotsky, licence - CC BY 2.0, modified by Cats Protection