Gifts in wills

A gift in your will could help change the lives of thousands of cats and kittens for years to come.

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Without the kindness of people who remember Cats Protection in their wills we would not be the charity we are today; these special gifts fund more than half of everything we do.

By leaving a gift in your will, you will be helping us keep the special promise that underpins all of our vital work: that we will never put a healthy cat to sleep.

Why gifts in wills matter

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Meet just some of the cats who have benefited from the generous gifts left to Cats Protection. Find out more about how future gifts can help to change the lives of thousands of cats and kittens every year.

How to leave a gift in your will

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We’ve compiled some useful information, as well as a glossary and suggested wordings, to help you update or amend your will if you wish to remember Cats Protection in this way.

Cat Guardians

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Find out more about our promise to care for your cat(s) in the event that they outlive you. Registering to the Cat Guardians service is very straightforward and will give you peace of mind that you have a plan in place for your cat(s).

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Please get in touch if you would like to request our free information booklet, if you are interested in our free will-writing service or if you would like to talk to us about remembering Cats Protection in your will.