Cat Fosterer

Jenny ReynoldsJenny Reynolds, North Birmingham Branch

How long have you volunteered for Cats Protection?
I joined the North Birmingham Branch of Cats Protection at its inaugural meeting in 1999. I took a sabbatical during 2002-2004 to care for my mother.
Why did you decide to volunteer for CP?
Cats have brought me great joy all my life. They have seen me through tough times and have shared in the fun along the way. I simply cannot contemplate living my life without their company. It would be a smaller and less fulfilling existence. The time was right for me to be able to put something back and start to repay my debt to feline society.
What's the best thing about volunteering for CP?
To be part of the mechanism that rights wrongs.
What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering for CP?
Be prepared to have lots of fun, because CP is also people-oriented as well as cat-directed and volunteers become good friends, a source of wisdom and offer staunch support. Be prepared to work hard when you can; the more you put in, the more you'll get out. Be prepared both to laugh and to cry. Be prepared to keep going, because there will always be a cat out there whose life you can change for the better.
What has been the most memorable incident or day in your life as a volunteer for CP?
The day I realised my ‘blind' foster kitten had recovered her sight. I was told by a specialist ophthalmic veterinary practice that both of Kylie's eyes were damaged beyond repair and would need to be removed. One had to be excised as an emergency after she developed acute glaucoma. She was so tiny and so anaemic; it was thought that she might not even survive the removal of one eye. Not only did she survive, she recovered vision in her remaining eye and was invited back by the vets to participate as a ‘patient' in subsequent exams in ophthalmology. I cannot convey the joy I feel to this very day that this little kitten triumphed.

If you are thinking about becoming a fosterer and would like more information about this rewarding role, please download our leaflet - Interested in becoming a cat foster carer? or hear from one of our fosters, Flora in the video below.