Fundraising Events Organiser

Julie Seymour, Mid-Warwickshire Branch
Julie Seymour
How long have you volunteered for Cats Protection?
I have been a volunteer for about four years. I have the title of Branch Fundraiser and Events Organiser but I also foster adult cats and the occasional kitten. I do struggle to say no, so I also get involved in many other areas of the branch's work, wherever and whenever extra help is needed, such as working on the till in our charity shop, trapping ferals, carrying out home visits, writing and producing the quarterly newsletter, looking after the 100 Club and branch membership and updating the website etc.

Why did you decide to volunteer for CP?
I decided to become a volunteer for two reasons. Firstly, I hit the milestone age of 40 and volunteering was somewhere on my list of 40 new things to try before I hit 41 - I never did find time to try the other 39! Secondly, in the same year, a little stray black cat was run over outside my house and he needed some very expensive vet treatment which Cats Protection kindly helped me with the costs of and so I officially adopted Junior! I felt it would be good to give something back by helping out where I could.

What's the best thing about volunteering for CP?
There are so many ‘best things' but knowing that what you are doing, no matter how little or how much, makes such a tremendous difference to the lives of cats and people in your local area and it's great fun too!

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering for CP?
Don't think about it, just go ahead and do it! You get such a special feeling from helping cats find their way into new homes and you get to make lots of new friends along the way too.

What has been the most memorable incident or day in your life as a volunteer for CP?
Where do I start? There are so many memorable incidents in the life of a volunteer - holding a newborn kitten; reuniting a lost cat and its owner; rehoming your first cat; giving lots of TLC to a poorly cat recovering from life-saving surgery; standing on a street corner in the wind and rain with a charity collecting tin and your best smile; attending outdoor events in the British summer; winning the prize for ‘Best CP Stand' at the NEC Cat Show and many, many more but I would not have missed a single one of them.