'Love to tidy' volunteer

Samanta Razbadsuskaite, volunteers at Penwortham Shop on a Thursday after school.

Samanta shop volunteerWhat attracted you to the role?

I have always loved cats.

How did you find out about the role?

I found out about the shop from other friends who were volunteers and checked out the cats protection website for further information.

What’s involved in a typical day/hours in your role?

I started volunteering in February this year as a ‘Love to Tidy volunteer’. A typical day includes making sure that everything on the shop floor is aesthetically pleasing for the customers as well as making sure that the stockroom is organised. 

I also talk to customers if they need help making sure that their needs are catered for.  Recently I participated in ‘You are the difference’ training to help build my confidence and esteem when dealing with customers and improve customer service.

Do you have any previous/career experience that helps you in your volunteering role?

None as I am 15.

What does volunteering mean to you?

Its about helping people care for their cats and for the cats within the local community

How do you get on with the other volunteers and staff at the shop?

Everyone is really friendly.  It is really interesting to find out others experience of working with Cats Protection and finding out more about them.

Why did you choose to volunteer for Cats Protection?

This role also contributes to my Duke of Edinburgh enrolment, improving my communication skills and organisation.  My D of E enrolment has not finished but I am staying on as a volunteer beyond the enrolment stage because I love working with Cats Protection.

What would you say to other people who are considering volunteering?

The staff are great and very welcoming.  The training is top notch and the atmosphere is great!