Journalist FAQs

We are often asked questions about our charity, such as where you can find us and what we stand for.

We have answered the top seven questions below, but if you need further information, you can contact our Media Office.

What does Cats Protection do?

Cats Protection is the UK's leading cat welfare charity, rehoming and reuniting around 43,000 cats each year through a nationwide network of 250 volunteer-run branches over 30 centres. Cats Protection also promotes the benefits of neutering for a happy and healthy pet and produces a wealth of cat care information to encourage responsible pet ownership. We never put a healthy cat to sleep.

Where are our centres?

We have adoption centres and branches across the UK; in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. To identify a branch or centre near you please consult our online search system.  Find your local Cats Protection now...

What are our charity's main aims?

Please see Our Vision for answers to this question.

How can you receive video clips?

If you require a copy of our stock footage please contact our media office at the NCC;

Tel: 01825 741 911

Are case studies available?

If you require a case study to include in your story, we will endeavour to find you one. Simply contact our media team to discuss your needs.

Is Cats Protection linked to The Cats Protection League?

Cats Protection and the Cats Protection League (CPL) is one and the same organisation. Founded as the CPL in 1927, the charity changed its name to Cats Protection in 1998. Our registered charity number is 203644. We ask that you use the name Cats Protection when referring to the charity in print or verbally. Learn about our history...