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Microchipping - Cats are lost without it

Cats love to be outdoors, and most of time they make their way home without a problem. But what happens if they get lost or become injured while they’re out exploring?

Our feline friends can’t tell us where they live, so if they need to be microchipped to make sure they can always be reunited with their owner.

We believe microchipping of owned cats should be compulsory, just as it is for dogs, so they’re protected and safe.

Man and his cat

Why microchip?

Microchipping is a safe, permanent and cost-effective method of identification which means lost cats can be returned to their owner and not taken in as strays by rehoming charities.

Sadly, cats can be injured or killed in road accidents. A microchip ensures that if they’re taken to a vet, their owner can be quickly contacted.

We’re encouraging more local authorities to commit to taking the simple step of routinely scanning cats that have died in a road accident for a microchip, so their owner can be informed.

Did you know? - 
38% of cats in Wales are not microchipped and 32% of cats across the UK are not microchipped. This compares to just 12% of UK dogs which are not microchipped. The compulsory microchipping of dogs has been in force across the UK since 2016.

Campaign for compulsory microchipping Lady and her ginger cat

Cats Protection has a long-standing commitment to calling for compulsory microchipping of owned cats.

You can find out more about our previous campaigning in our Manifesto for Cats and 2022 Agenda for Cats

Keep checking here for developments or follow our campaign team on @CPAdvocacy Twitter

How we can help
If you need help with the cost of microchipping, you can find out about our regional 'snip and chip' campaigns - Click here